It’s been a nice weekend


I’ve been staying home a lot lately so it was nice to get out and about this weekend.  In that aspect, I guess I don’t fit the “typical” Asperger’s  stereotype (anti social). I actually like to get out of the house sometimes and interact with my friends. On the flip side though, I have no problem staying home in my room watching television alone.  This weekend was especially nice though because it was just the right combination of socializing and alone time.

I enjoy intimate gatherings at the homes of close friends.  In that atmosphere, if I feel any sensory overload, I can dismiss myself to an area that’s more quiet to regroup.  Now periodically I enjoy a raucous good time in a club setting where I can let my hair down. Like I said, if there is “typical” Aspie behavior, I’m certain I can’t be put into a box.

It’s probably due to the fact that I have spent my entire adult life “adjusting” my behavior to fit into a neurotypical world.  It’s also why it’s entirely possible for me to feel quite alone in a room full of people…